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Advanced Metal Detecting for the Archaeologist (AMDA) will present this class offering in Carlsbad, New Mexico, on September 20-22, 2019.  The Bureau of Land Management-Carlsbad Field Office, and Guadalupe Mountains National Park will be the local partners for this class.  AMDA is certified under the Register of Professional Archaeologists’ continuing professional education program.  The goal of the class is to provide professional archaeologists with an understanding of current best practices in metal detecting, and to provide the opportunity to gain hands-on experience using a variety of metal detector makes and models.

The course is offered as 24 credits.  There are 8 hours of classroom work, with 16 hours of fieldwork.  Fees will be $350 for 24 credits.  The field sessions will be held within Guadalupe Mountains NP, Texas, located 40 miles from Carlsbad.

Field sessions will be conducted on the site of a 19th c. Mescalero Apache encampment (ranchería).  For over three centuries the Mescalero Apaches occupied the Guadalupe Mountains, which afforded them an abundance of resources as well as providing a natural defensive stronghold within secluded drainages and canyons.  Their security was challenged during November-December 1869, when a cavalry unit attacked and destroyed three rancherías.  This military action ultimately forced many of the Mescalero to abandon the Guadalupe Mountains and surrender themselves to military authorities at Fort Stanton, NM.  Archaeological evidence suggests the AMDA field sessions will be conducted on one of rancherías that was attacked and destroyed by the U.S. cavalry in 1869.

 Class size is limited to 25.

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For more information, contact Charles Haecker at | 505-473-1326.